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25 June
The price in ETH
Approx. 0.00023 ETH per UBT
what was the bonus during pre sale
when exchanges
15% and 20% were the bonuses during pre-sale
You can trade on tokenjar, its listed there
Watched the ama with datadash, Stefan, and marten twice.. Truly Awesome stuff.. You can just tell when something big is brewing... Im not talking about a partnership announcment this week, or an exchange next month.. I'm talking long term.. Deeper understanding into the commitment the team seems to have... The people behind a project matter a lot... And ubt will be going places.. Going to be fun coming back to this thread in a year +
what is token jar
TokenJar is a decentralized exchange features in direct transaction from wallet to wallet, without the need for deposit, registration and KYC. Our underlying technology is 0x
Trading on tokenjar will keep your asset safe as there is no deposit involved. All trades occur directly between the wallets of buyers and sellers.You maintain control of your tokens at all times. It also features zero service fee. I think you should give it a try
Hello does this bounty need kyc?
Are you sure asking about bounty this time? Its done long ago
Any news about development guys?
One year...
Feels like a decade in crypto 😉
Uht rớt sấp mặt
Ubt rớt sấp mặt rồi
English please
when are you getting listed on exchanges
was this information provided before the token sale
Cheers Stefan! Ah well maybe I was stretching saying 1 year.. But truly no worries waiting 1 year or even longer.. Have a very good feeling about you guys.
@stefschmidt When are you announcing? 😱
Announce what?
No i think
Wooow whats up with the 40% increase of UBT ??
Look at CMC
Crypto is dying.......
On the 24hour
That's weird idd
Can't explain it
Im waiting to buy the dip and add me a bag of UBT . Just to bring down my average price . I bought ICO , really have confidents in this project long term 👍
If this isn't a dip in not sure what is
Idd?? You are probably Dutch ? Inderdaad Haha
what do you mean
Which part ?
Crypto is dying. ..
Why are you so confident in it?
You keep on repeating this man , wanna buy low ? 😂
When okex?🤣🤣🤣
First of all I’m always confident in German tech! Second just read the withe paper and study there site
I did not ask you about this. But now is time when a lot of people stop trust crypto
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