Unibright Token Sale
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24 March
Hi! Presale will start in the beginning of April, but only for whitelisted participants .
Hi Alan! You will receive tokens immediately after purchase , but will be able to use them after the end of token sale.
Hi again! Yes, public sale doesn’t require whitelist registration.
Hello Craig! Unfortunately no, Canadian residents are prohibited to take part in our token sale.
Hello @nicholasan ! Thank you for the questions!

Pre-sale will start in the beginning of April, we will send you details and provide exact days via email. Stay tuned!

Our working prototype connects our own SAP system (we are in the great situation to run our own complete and full installation with full development rights) with Ethereum smart contracts.

Regarding prototype : The demo walkthrough and corresponding blog have been released, please check!
@UnibrightIO/current-state-of-development-c86e19f2e569" target="_blank">medium.com/...
@sushimaki @xiaopingping Hello guys! Whitelist is already closed , but you may take part in the main sale , starting 10th of April.
Hello Oleg! Minimum amount is 100UBT, maximum is not defined yet.
Hello Faruk! Could you please repeat your question in this group t.me/...
hello, what price of the tken will be?
and what min\max contribution on pre-sale?
you said, that max individual cap for mainsale is not decided so far. but can you give an indication: will it be a mainsale with ridiculously low indiv. cap like 1-2 Eth or are decent contributions wellcomed
Are there any admins?(
Hello @Lera356 ! 1 UBT=O,14$. Minimum contribution is 100 UBT. Maximum is not defined yet
thank you
Hello Gerry! No, individual cup will not be so low, decent contributors will be also welcomed.
Whitelist is for pre sales?
Yes! Main sale doesn’t require whitelist registration
Great, thx!
Go kripto
So the 100% hard cap is going to be roughly 20 mln?
Yes, approximately
What’s the pre sale minimum?
Hello Clifford! Minimum is 100 UBT
Until when is the presale
Presale will start in the beginning of April for whitelisted participants
good morning. how can I apply for whitelisting?
Hello Ecalik! Whitelist is already closed, you may take part in the main sale, starting 10th of April.
aii, missed it. Tnx for the quick reply, see you in the main sale :)
Hello! Bounty on blog available until 28 March?
Hello Denis! Could you please repeat your question here in the group t.me/... thanks!
5. How can I use the UBT after the ICO?
The Unibright Token is the fuel that empowers the Unite Framework. It can be used to access and use the tools and services offered by Unibright for designing, implementing and monitor blockchain based business integration as described on our website and the additional documents. Additionally, it may be traded on exchanges that list the Unibright token. The Unibright tokens are just a utility token which can be used only on the Unibright platform and is not intended to be used as an investment."
Admin can u please clarify this. If a customer wants to use unibright products, they must purchase UBT tokens or not??
When can you release info abt private sales bonus?
I get this page when I open link:
Hello! Yes, if the company wants to use Unibright products , they need to buy UBT tokens
Hello! Whitelist registration is already closed.
Got it, thanks.
until when is the ico public sales in theory till what date?
Hello! Token sale will finish 10th of May or when all tokens are sold
hi unibright after sale ends how long time needs to unlock tokens?
Hello Temo! There is no lock-up
ok thx

Is there a whitelist for this token??
whats your total supply?
Hi! Whitelist is already closed, you may take part in the main sale, starting 10th of April.
Hello Sam! Total supply is 150 Mln tokens
Thanks how bout circulating supply?