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17 August
You have to reach 1000 tokens to get the tokens
hello admin. i use presearch look up. i have 3k PRE. i complete . help me unlock withdraw PRE coin to ERC-20 Wallet. Thanks
All accounts are under review to examine if they violated the terms of use. Please be patient as there are thousands of accounts being reviewed at the moment.
Lol...this your review will last a year..huh. I've been on review for over a month now .lol
The process is not automated yet. I want to ask you guys to be patient while all accounts are reviewed.
Good day, greetings from Venezuela. It would be interesting to show proof of payment.
Nikolaos, buen día. Ahí existe uno de 193.500?
Only the 1,000 transactions are rewards. 193 is someone who sold their tokens.
Ah ok, yo ahora llevo 529.75
Free 0.008 ETH,
en aproximadamente 2 meses debería alcanzar los 1.000
Download kro plz
Download fast
Stop your spamming, Tejas!!!
Paisa kaise Milta hai
English please
How much time it will take to withdraw after reaching 1000 tokens
There is not specific timeline. It usually takes a few weeks but there is a backlog of accounts right now waiting to be reviewed.
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