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15 February
Welcome, guys!
16 February
Welcome! So, guys, are you spammers or investors?
Welcome to the GOLDEA ICO chat! 😊
I am so excited. I think that I invested in the best Icon that appeared on the crypto market. They have a very good investment plan and I think they are among those who will keep the word.Thanks you guys !!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the Goldea chatroom! :)
Hi! How are you guys?πŸ‘‹
Hello! Welcome to the GOLDEA ICO chat!
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Hello, Frank, we're great, and you?
17 February
Can anyone please connect me to marketing manager so we can discuss PR and digital marketing services
Hello, PM me
I think people looking into ICO should start using blockchain to protect their personal data
What do you mean?
Welcome the the GOLDEA ICO chat! :)
Welcome to the Goldea official!
hi can you please give me the address, symbol, decimals to add to myetherwallet?
Ya man, sharing this with my heros here that I just bought SmarterThanCrypto (STC) @ 10% discount … planning to accumulate more BTC, ETH and swapping them for STC…..their portfolio did 2x in 3 month while Bitcoin did 0xβ€¦πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ›«β€¦.their strong model will help me achieve my 40x goal. I did buy here – cool telegram group too
18 February
Welcome! :)
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Welcome to the GOLDEA ICO chat!
19 February
Welcome! :)
???IQB is coming with FREE CANDIES???
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Friends pass KYC 100 free candies!
The more the merrier!
Hi there!
How is it possible to get in touch with people who are responsible for marketing and PR in your team?
Hello! For PR contact @lukindv
Welcome to the GOLDEA ICO chat! :)
Dear GOLDEA team
Could you please provide a summary of what has the team+project done in the last 4 weeks? Transparency of project development is always highly appreciated! Thank you
Can the group admin please pm me
Hello, you can PM me
Unfortunately our CEO is in Mali now and it is a problem to send new photos and videos
I strongly suggest that someone from the project update the community (all media channels ) with strong/big news about project progress
When our CEO is going to come back?
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Den, we'll be notifying everyone as soon as he gets into our field of view
20 February
couldn't be all that hard to find in Mali, right? The people mining for gold that is...
Yeah guys, we will update the news block as soon as we get it
Welcome to the GOLDEA official! :)