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16 July
for now, nth is formally announced
And let me know your LISTING TOS
I have one decent project I wish to see on your exchange
Only SGD?
for now yes
Introducing Trade Mining

Hello everyone, I will like to introduce Trade Mining, a new feature on NuMoney Exchange that is live right now.

With trade mining, you mine NuMoney Coins just by trading on NuMoney Exchange, easy!

There are 1,000,000 NuMoney Coins worth (US$10,000) in the first block of Coins to be mined.

See: for more info

PS: There are 0% trading fees on NuMoney


NuMoney Exchange is LIVE

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OMG.. Now I kinda understand this trade mining. Kinda like Binance TRX trading competition
sir my acount is not verify for 3 deyes pless sir verify my account
So I need to Trade $7 and can get $5000 of tokens??
I would like to drive you wild
I would like to drive you wild
17 July
event that gets 130nmx finished sometime min?
can u rephrase, not sure what u mean
until when event gets 100 nmx completed
have you claimed it?
if you log into the rewards page
you'll see the credit date
Yes i have 1300nmx
I don't know to move NMX to rupiah
What is the prise of nmx now
Thx admin
There is an issue with the wallet system for the exchange.

Symptoms include:
* Wallet address not being shown
* Deposits not being credited

Your funds are safe, it is just a software issue and it will be resolved tomorrow morning.
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